How to Collect Emails on Your Website –
Inbound Marketing Strategies in the Age of AI

Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Attracting customers through valuable content organically is the essence of inbound marketing.

It’s hard to know where inbound marketing is headed now with the growing use of AI generated content.
So it is a good time to focus on things that will continue to work even with AI created content.

One thing that AI can’t touch…yet, is building real connections with an audience. So creating content that is relevant and helpful to our audience, establishing real connections and solving problems, will even be more important to building long lasting customer relationships than ever before.

Building a Following

Building a real following and growing it is key to success. You can have Youtube, Tiktok, and Facebook Likes but are you really building an audience? Maybe you are getting a ton of Google traffic through SEO but does anyone care about you or your website?

Those are a great start but to build an audience with more quantifiable metrics and a long-term strategy – email marketing is still super important.

Why? Because it works and you can actually build a list and can create a real engagement strategy – and continually market and send to all followers on your list.

The other above traffic and metrics might be great but are you turning those views into people that will even come back to your website again or care about you?

Email Marketing works because you can grow a list of real followers that opted-in to something you created in exchange for signing up. You can send them information that you think they’ll like and if they don’t like it anymore, they can unsubscribe from you list. A real easy way of keeping score without hours of often unnecessary analytics that produce zero results.

The beauty is also in the simplicity of the strategy. If you build a growing list of emails this way, you will almost certainly grow your revenue and opportunities for making more money in the future.


On Site Email Collection Tools

Popups – Opt-in Forms that popup on your website after a certain event happens such as a link is clicked or timed event occurs.

WordPress Popup Plugins

Hustle – Free opt-in forms and popups – free version

Popup Maker – Many options for popups – free version

Side Tabs – Tabs on the side of your website that offer a simple promotional link or message that you want to show to your website visitors. A form of navigation that often changes based on your current promotions or offers.

WordPress Side Tabs Plugins

Simple Tabs WordPress Plugin – Free simple option for putting a promotional message or clickable link on your WordPress website. We made this free plugin and you can even see this in action on the sidebar with a link of a landing page for the plugin and download link.

Embeds – Opt-in Forms you can collect emails with directly within a page on your website. Similar to a popup but embedded on your site.

Hustle – Free opt-in forms and popups. You can also use embeds in this plugin – free version

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Landing Pages and Funnels

Landing pages in a marketing context are pages on your website that have a specific goal or call-to-action

These are especially important to explain about product, services, or courses you are offering. Often the point of this page is to give more reasons to signup and help pre-sell something that costs money and requires more information than what a simple email popup or embedded form offers.

Landing Page Funnel Plugins for WordPress

LeadSlide – AI Ebook and marketing funnel software and plugin for WordPress. You can also see an actual example of the software on the tab on this page as well as the Funnel of where the plugin download is. You can see this landing page, popup, and email here and see how it works by signing up. This was entirely created on LeadSlide.

Double your Conversions

Make landing pages, ebooks, and emails with templates and AI with or without a website.

Side Tab WordPress Plugin