Tutorials for how to create ebooks, funnels, and how to publish to your WordPress website. Tips and strategies to build and grow your audience on WordPress and how to use LeadSlide AI Ebook Creator and Opt-in Funnels.



What Is LeadSlide?

LeadSlide is a next generation AI based platform used to build Ebooks and create marketing funnels with opt-in landing pages to promote your ebook, along with a thank you email with download link to your ebook that you can embed on or your WordPress Website

How does LeadSlide work?

LeadSlide uses AI algorithms and ChatGPT to help you generate ebooks based on your input and preferences. You can also use pre-built ebook templates to help you quickly build and Ebook and get suggestions for Headings and paragraphs to help you create quickly and avoid writers block. You can also manually edit the ebook and use your own content completely with our WYSIWYG editor. This is also true with the AI funnel creator when making landing pages, opt-in forms, and emails, making it easy to capture leads and convert visitors into subscribers.

Is LeadSlide compatible with my WordPress website?

Yes, LeadSlide is fully compatible with WordPress. You can easily integrate it into your WordPress website using the LeadSlide WordPress plugin to streamline ebook creation and optin funnel management.

Do I need any technical skills to use LeadSlide?

No, LeadSlide is designed to be user-friendly and doesn’t require any advanced technical skills. It has an intuitive interface, and we provide tutorials and guides to help you get started as well as a WYSIWYG editor and AI tools to help you build faster with no coding knowledge

Do I need a website to use LeadSlide?

No, LeadSlide funnels and ebooks can be directly created and published on Perfect for solopreneurs and social media content creators. You can use LeadSlide to help build an email list and offer promotions to your followers without a website.

Can I upload my own ebook?

Yes, you can also upload your own ebook and use in your funnel without needing to create it on

What are the requirements to use LeadSlide?

None. You can create using only our platform or connect it to a growing list of platforms and websites such as WordPress through a plugin or connector app.

Is there a free trial available for LeadSlide?

Yes, you can try and create ebooks and funnels with a free, no credit card 14 day free trial.

How much does LeadSlide cost?

LeadSlide is currently only $9/month USD and you get full access to the AI ebook creator, funnel creator, and ability to publish to or your own website. We are just getting started though so may have to add costs or ban accounts depending on bandwidth or excess usage at our discretion. We intend to make all pricing accessible and grow with your usage though and cheaper than comparable software platforms.