How to Use AI to Build an Ebook

What is an Ebook?

Ebooks are a digital version of a book or virtual publication that is downloadable. For our purposes, we assume the main audience of the ebook is for visitors to a website. Whether it’s for sharing valuable information, capturing leads, content marketing, monetization, education, archiving, promotion, or entertainment, ebooks are a powerful tool to engage your audience, boost your website’s credibility, and achieve your specific objectives.

How to make an Ebook using AI?

There are so many ways to make an ebook as well as make one with AI. It is beyond the scope of this article to provide a bunch of options. So we will show one quick and easy way to do it.

Use AI as a tool to get you started with your your first section or chapter of your book.

This option is used to get a quick start on writing so the whole process isn’t so daunting.

AI Generated Ebook – AI Ebook Creator

Here is an example of an Ebook created using this AI approach. In this example we will try and create a title for an ebook, a summary, as well as the first chapter using AI and the LeadSlide AI Ebook creator.

Ebook Purpose The book is for a 30 day running plan to improve your 100 meter sprint time.

Prompt “30 day running plan to improve your 100 meter sprint time”

DOWNLOAD Created Ebook using AI

In the attached pdf ebook example, We see a title, an introduction, and the first week of training as plan. This is a pretty good start for a 30 day plan. The plan called for a progression of training intensity for the week. If we wanted to break the plan down to a further daily routine we could then put the plan into the AI and ask for a day by day plan.

The more specific you are with the AI prompt the more specific the results will be. Also, we are working on another article on how to make a lead magnet that converts using AI that goes into this in further detail about different prompts to use to make a great ebook with the same ebook as an example.

AI within the Ebook Editor

We can also use AI within the LeadSlide Ebook editor. this can be very helpful for Chapter headings for your ebook as well as organization. You can use AI in this way as a guide to help give you more ideas and help you write more content. You can always edit anything the AI writes (which you should do). This way AI helps you write and is used as more of an assistant than an AI author.

We will go back to the previous created Ebook and try adding another chapter using AI but not to create a completely new book.

The first heading the AI chose in the above attached ebook for the running plan was “Warm Up” so it naturally follows that you could ask the AI to provide a plan of what to do after the warm up.

Prompt “30 day running plan to improve your 100 meter sprint time. Please give a heading for what to do after a warmup in week 1 of the plan”


“Sprint Intervals and Technique Drills”

Then you could also then add another paragraph that relates to the new heading.

Prompt “30 day running plan to improve your 100 meter sprint time. Please give a paragraph for what to do after a warmup in week 1 of the plan if the heading is Sprint intervals and technique drills”


“Intervals and Technique Drills: After a thorough warm-up in week 1 of your 30-day running plan to improve your 100-meter sprint time, it’s time to focus on sprint intervals and technique drills. Start with a series of short sprints, running at maximum effort for 20-30 meters, followed by a brief recovery period. Repeat this sequence for a total of 6-8 sets, gradually increasing the distance as you progress. Alongside sprint intervals, incorporate technique drills to enhance your sprint mechanics. These drills may include high knees, butt kicks, A-skips, and bounding exercises, which will help improve your stride length, power, and overall running form. Ensure proper technique and maintain good posture while performing these drills. Remember to take adequate rest between each set to allow for recovery and prevent injury. By incorporating sprint intervals and technique drills into your training plan, you will not only build speed and power but also refine your sprinting technique, ultimately leading to improved 100-meter sprint times.”

You can keep adding more content and chapters just like this to finish the ebook using AI. The purpose of this tutorial was to show you how to build an Ebook using AI only. But for a real audience it is normally better to create your own content and use AI as an assistant to aid you with creation and not simply create the entire book using AI.

If you would like to try the AI ebook creator just sign up for a free trial of LeadSlide.

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