WordPress Installation

Steps to setting up LeadSlide AI Ebook Creator and Marketing Funnels on your WordPress Website.

Get login to Leadslide.com

  1. Register at ai.leadslide.com
  2. Whitelist your url where your website is located. Please use the full url including https:// or http:// for example https://yourwebsite.com This is located in your settings at https://ai.leadslide.com/c-panel/settings
  3. Generate your api Key from  https://ai.leadslide.com/c-panel/settings from the settings page in the admin. It will be a long string of characters. Save this key. If you forget to save it, you can create another key.


Install LeadSlide AI Plugin on your WordPress Website

  1. Download the WordPress plugin for LeadSlide AI Ebook Creator and Marketing Funnels
  2. Upload and Activate your LeadSlide plugin at yourwordpresswebsiteurl/wp-admin/plugin-install.php
  3. You will see a “LeadSlide Application” tab within your wordpress admin after plugin activation.  Paste the API key in your LeadSlide plugin after you install it and save it.
  4. Your Leadslide.com account should now be connected to your WordPress Website and you can now start creating funnels and Ebooks there or on ai.leadslide.com


How to Publish a funnel on your WordPress Website

  1. You should now see a tab for “Publish Funnels” under the “LeadSlide Application” heading in your WordPress dashboard (if you click on Leadslide Application heading)
  2. Your saved campaigns that you have created will show up here and you simply click the “activate” button on the campaign you wish to publish and your funnel will now directly show up on your WordPress website at the shown url.